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Badger History Group

Museum of Badger Army Ammunition

  Museum hours are:  
  Tuesday - Saturday, 10 am - 4 pm

We are OPEN
Face masks are required, social distancing is practiced and our capacity is limited.
If you want to visit the museum with a large family group please call in advance so we can accommodate your group without exceeding museum capacity.
We care about your safety which is why we require wearing a mask and ask you to practice social distancing.
Our staff are also in the high risk category and essential to the museum operation.
Please be considerate of our safety and health by wearing a mask. 
Admission is free, Donations appreciated.  
We are supported exclusively by Member dues, Donations, Souvenir sales and project grants.
We do not ask for and do not receive any tax payer funds.


    The Museum of Badger Army Ammunition is located on the site of the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant in the building pictured here. Originally identified as the ADP Building, Bldg. 207. This Building is a 4800 sq. ft., secure, metal clad, concrete block building built in 1971/72 to house a main frame computer and equipment to connect to the Army Automated Digital Information Network.
   Today this building is the home of the Badger History Group's Museum of Badger Army Ammunition and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources personnel. BHG has office and archive space, and 1400 sq. ft. of exhibit space. 



The photos below give you some idea of the displays we use in our museum to tell some of the many stories that are the Badger Ordnance Works/Badger Army Ammunition Plant. More then 70 years of stories that range from the land owners whose land was taken for BOW through construction and production for three wars.



Photos of some of the farms, construction and operation of BOW/BAAP    
  Non spark tools  
Photos of some of the explosions and some artifacts.    
    Laboratory artifacts